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TRIGGER WARNING (violence, gore)


agent orange?


The government (AKP) wanted to build a shopping mall but Istanbul already has got 93 shopping malls so we’re sick of it. And they wanted to build it in taksim gezi parki. That park is really important to us it’s like Central Park in NY. They wanted to destroy our park and build a new AVM. Then out people go there to defend our park and block the government. But the police started to throw agent orange, pepper spray and hard water (firemans trucks) Lots of people died and they’re still standing there and waiting 5pm because if our war continues for 48 hours our government is going to fall. We’re walking on Atatürk’s road and we don’t want Erdogan to controle us because that’s what he’s doing. So let thw world know what the fuck is he doing to his own people and he is doing just because the defenders dont like him and dont obey him. As you can see if people dont obey him he use illegal things to torture us and he blocked the media too so when other countries are making news about us suffering in our turkish channels there’s nothing just regular things like soccer or magazine news. They blocked the phones and internet in defending places so people are stuck there without electricity and no food there are no gas masks so lots of people are poisoning and police attacks people with armed combat car and they shout like run over people so ERDOGAN= HITLER HELP US (Reblog)

Spread the word, signal boost, reblog. These people seriously need all the help they can get to let the world know what’s going on, and we’re in a position to do that.

All because they wanted to keep a park for their kids to play in.. sad. :(


…up to 200,000 people angry with high costs and poor public services took to the streets. Protesters in Rio de Janeiro burned cars and looted buildings as police attempted to disperse them with teargas and rubber bullets. Aerial images showed thousands of people attempting to storm the congress building in Brasilia. The rallies…are some of the biggest ever seen in the country…


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